St. Coman’s Church

A public meeting is being held on Monday 14th November 2016, 8pm at the Courthouse to inform Kinvara Community on the current situation of St Coman’s Church, often referred to as Kinvara’s ‘hidden’ church. This meeting will have guest speakers, Marion Coady, St Coman’s Mapping Project, Anne Carey, Archaeologist and John Britton, Civil and Structural Engineer. All persons interested in St Coman’s are invited to attend. Tea & biscuits provided.

Following on from the successful mapping project of St Coman’s by Marian Coady 2004-2007, an updated ‘Structural Conservation Engineering Report’ has been voluntarily prepared by John Britton on behalf of the Community Councils heritage subgroup. This report has highlighted some serious concerns regarding the condition of this medieval ‘hidden’ church and raises issues surrounding its collapse if neglected. A call to attend the public meeting is intended to give everyone a chance to understand the significance of this early medieval church, recollect those buried in the graveyard around its walls and decide if this is worth saving for future generations. Please attend this meeting on Monday 14th November at 8pm, Kinvara Courthouse.

Kinvara’s hilltop church is traditionally identified with St. Coman (or Caimin), a saint who is said to have flourished in the mid-7th century. St. Coman’s Church, Kinvara’s ‘hidden’ church, is closely linked to the history and development of the town and its graveyard contain the graves of at least 53 Kinvara families.

Marian Coady with an earlier group successfully received funding from the Heritage Council in 2005 to map the Graveyard and record the graves.

Over the last 2 years the Community Council has set up a Heritage subgroup to focus on saving St. Coman’s church. John Britton Engineering surveyed and prepared a written report on the present state of the church of St. Coman’s which is a designated Monument with all 4 walls standing but is roofless for hundreds of years.

We have now received John’s report which he spent many hours on voluntarily and which we are indebted to him for.

The report is very detailed and has been read by some of the members of this group. The report states that the East Wall of the church is in immediate danger of collapse.

We would like to get started on putting an application together for a project to conserve this ancient building which apart from its historical and archaeological interest is also of potential economic and tourism value to Kinvara situated as we are on the Wild Atlantic Way.

The Heritage group is a subgroup of Kinvara Community Council and welcomes new members.