Robert Cresswell R.I.P.

Robert Cresswell, the retired professor from the Sorbonne in Paris who lived and studied in Kinvara in the 1950s, died in Paris on July 3rd last, at the age of 94.

A collection of his anthropological work in Kinvara in the mid-1950s was donated by him to Kinvara (and the nation) in 2010.

In 1969, based on his research, his book, Une communaut√© rurale de l’Irlande (A rural community in Ireland) was published by the Institut d’Ethnologie in Paris.

Bob was always kind and helpful to me and it was a great pleasure to discover the treasure of photographs and notes he had put together. His consent and cooperation in getting his work donated to Ireland was invaluable and I am very happy that his photographic work is now in safe keeping at the National University of Ireland Galway and with the Irish film Archive.

When we showed his photographic images and slides here in Kinvara (including the publication of two calendars), there was great excitement on both occasions.

On the Kinvara website, a good representative selection of his photos can be viewed on ( and it is good to know that his work will be made available generally and inform the work of others in the future.