Kinvara Community Council Meeting Wednesday 20th April, 2016



Kinvara Community Council Meeting Wednesday 20th April. 2016.



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Joe Byrne

Richard Broad.



the minutes from the previous meeting in March were read and signed.


Matters arising from the Minutes:

Maria reported that a replacement for Angela on the Board of Management of the Childrens Centre needed to be nominated. Gerhard agreed to be the Community Council Representative to that Board. Gerhard was nominated and seconded by Maria and Paddy. Maria will let the Board know and ask them to send all present and future notifications and minutes to Gerhard.


Correspondence to the Secretary:

Maria read out an email from Cllr Joe Byrne stating

– that Sewerage Plant works are ahead of schedule and will be commissioned by end of year.

– Coffey Construction will commence with Network installation next week, no works in Quay area July / August. I am arranging a meeting with local stakeholders and Irish water within the next 2/3 weeks, I will advise on date in due course.

– Flood Meeting last Tuesday night in Gort, Cahermore works progressing and application submitted to OPW for Kinvara to Cahermore permanent scheme.

– Rubbish is a major problem, including collection of bags,eg, Barna Waste. I would welcome your feedback on this matter.

– It would be appreciated if you could promote to your e mail listing the newly opened BUrren Enterprise Centre , over Londis




Tree of Hope:

Gerhard said that he has agreed with Fr David that a tree will be planted in the Garden to the side of St Josephs Church. There will be a bench beside the tree and a plaque. Gerhard will supply the Tree and the Bench and he suggested we ask Joe Byrne about possible funding of the Plaque.


Cuckoo Fun Run:

A number of people are available to help. A discussion will need to be held about how the funds raised should be allocated. This year the Creche are helping to run the event and will receive all funds raised. Two groups have requested funds and they will be discussed as possible recipients for next years Run. The two groups are the Kinvara FM local radio group and the Community Games group. This discussion can take place in September/October well in advance of next years event.




Angela discussed the finances as we had just received the Audited accounts for 2015.She said that the Creche have some funds on deposit now and have appointed a new Manager. They have now agreed to go ahead with the Red Book Accounting package and have organised book=keeping training from Ryan McGinty for their staff. The Audited Accounts will be presented to the Community Council at the AGM.

There was a discussion on litter and it was suggested to ask Joe Byrne if the Council could supply Dog poo Bins and bags as provided in some other locations. Also regarding the Barna Waste bags it was suggested that a centralised lockable site be sourced such as the GAA site where all bags could be collected from. It was also suggested that Joe be asked that the Street Sweeper should be in Kinvara more often than presently which is once a month.


John reported that there is an Update on the Wild Atlantic Way in Shannon Airport on the following evening if anyone can attend.


John proposed that the KCC should thank Eilish Kavanagh for all her work on the 1916 Commemoration event and that the Monument is excellent. Also John congratulated Paddy on his entry for the St Patricks Day parade. The Community Council would like to extend their congratulations to the organising committee of the St Patricks Day parade and all the organisations that took part.  The parade added great colour to Kinvara and shows the huge commitment of all volunteers involved that keep these organisations running for the benefit of the community.




The next meeting of Kinvara Community Council will be held on Wednesday  18th May at 8.30pm.