Kinvara Community Council Meeting Wednesday 18th Oct. 2015.

the minutes from the previous meeting in June and the Any other business notes from the AGM in September were read.

Kinvara Pier:
Anne Korff said that she and a local group are drawing up a list of the items on the Harbour area that should be conserved and replaced if removed. They hope to draw up a plan for the Harbour area. Richard suggested that an existing Pier group including Declan Connolly and Pat McMahon should be consulted. Gerhard said that the Pier shouldnt become a carpark. Anne will report back to the next meeting.

Cars speeding at the Ballyvaughan entrance to Kinvara:
Gerhard said this item was discussed at the June meeting and that a letter should be sent to the County Council and copied to Cllr Joe Byrne and Fergal Fahy the local Area Engineer requesting action on this problem. Gerhard said that he understood that footpaths had to be present at a location where Traffic calming is placed. James said that the hill at Nallys Lane should be lowered to improve lines of sight. Maria suggested rumble strips as at country schools.

Signage on the Pier:
Maria said that the Tidy Towns group were considering asking Gordon Darcy to paint a board with the local birds and plants which would be mounted at the green area by the Pier. James suggested asking the OPW to put up a sign. He said they are much better now. He said there is one in Carran. Maria said the Tidy Towns would consider the suggestions and discuss again before any action.

Community Radio:
Gerry proposed setting up a Community Radio in Kinvara. He said that he can do the technical aspects, studio etc as he has previous experience. It would be available on line as well. There is grant aid available for local radio set ups. Nationally 9% of the licence fee is dedicated to Community Radio. It would be run by local people and can be a business. The blend Gerry suggests would be 60% news and 40% music. People will be needed to present the programmes and a studio space is needed. Eilish said she would help and John said he thinks there is definitely an appetite in Kinvara for this. Richard suggested the Community Council give the use of the Front Office as a studio. John Mc Donald said that one of the Coaches at Kinvara Utd was very involved in the Gort Radio which is now closed and he might help. John will also talk to Mary Ruddy who was involved in Connemara Radio. Gerry said there is a national support group called CRAOL who will help. Gerry said the licence costs hundreds and its better to start small. It was suggested that a small steering group would meet and they would then organise a public meeting to ensure the community are involved. The small group meeting is set for Thursday 5th November.

Cllr Joe Byrne then addressed the meeting:
Replying to the issues he said that the Pier is a protected structure and a report exists to improve the area but it is costly. The light at Berminghams is ordered and will be erected. Joe said that he is often contacted about the safety of boats being stored on
the Pier. John summarised that we would contact the Heritage Officer and ask for guidance about conserving the Pier area.
Joe also addressed the issue of speeding and said that the school were looking at ways of improving the drop off area. He said that he would ask the Gardai to monitor traffic at the entrances to Kinvara and Ballindereen. NRA approval has to be got for any changes on this road.
Joe reported that monies were allocated to the Creche to upgrade the Preschool.
He also reported that local people should be thanked for allowing paths to be built along the road to the GAA and to Crushoa donating their land.
Pam suggested that people should go in a wheelchair around Kinvara to see how bad the paths are. Joe said that the Brothers of Charity should be working with the Community Council on the issue of accessibility.
Joe said that monies would be available for signage through the Rural Economic Development fund for Kinvara and that KCC and Tidy Towns should be involved in this. Signs will be standardised throughout the Burren Lowland areas.
The N67 will be going to planning shortly and 8 objections have been made to Bord Pleanala. James said that there is a timber and post rail going up his lane within 1.5metres of St Colmans Well and cross.

Any other business:
Pam brought up KAVA and the Courthouse. She said the group want to spend a substantial amount of money on lighting and heating so that they can display their art work. The report by the Conservation Architect was examined which suggested that a lot of structural problems existed. Many people suggested correcting the structural problems first but Pam said that KAVA were keen to get on with their displays. She asked if KCC would specifically assist meeting Fr David to ask the Churchs help with the major works. Joe suggested applying for grant aid and having all the information ready as the grants are usually announced in the new year with short notice.

The next meeting of Kinvara Community Council will be held on Wednesday 25th November at 8.30pm.