Kinvara Community Council Meeting Wednesday 16th March, 2016


See sign in sheet.


the minutes from the previous meeting in February were read and signed.

Matters arising from the Minutes:

There were no matters arising

Correspondence to the Secretary:

Maria read out a letter received from Christina Connolly regarding the trail on the website. Ms Connolly asked the KCC to take this down as it shows a way through her brothers land which is not a public way. Maria had spoken to the Directors on receipt of the letter and it has now been removed and a letter sent to Christina saying this.

Kinvara FM:

Clare gave a run down on whats happening with the development of the community radio. Gerry said the group are already making programmes to have material ready. The licensing procedure will probably take a few months. Fundraising will need to take place but they have support from Craol for this. They have 63 people on their database. A mast will be needed and will have to be as close to the office where they are broadcasting from as possible. They have ongoing training courses.

 Foys Hospital/Seapark House:

James spoke on this and said that an application has been made for planning permission to demolish this building and build on the site. It is not a listed building but is on the Heritage Trail. James has spoken to Maureen Doddy and she says it will come to her attention anyway. Seapark House has not been lived in since the Famine. Joe Byrne said that it is a scenic amenity and the applicant will have to show a housing need. It will go through the Planning process.

Report from Cllr Joe Byrne:

Joe gave a report on Community grants saying that groups in Kinvara got in total 12,000euros in grants from the County Council this year. He said that the County Council have a deliberate policy of giving more monies to Community groups.

Joe reported that Coffey Construction are doing the pipe network for the Sewage system and will hopefully start in April 2016. There will be a period in July /August when no work will take place on the Quay to facilitate the Tourism industry and Cruiniiu na mBad.

Joe reported that a Library for Kinvara is in the County Councils 5 year plan.

Joe also said that works in Cahermore related to flood reliefs will take place shortly and that Broadband is due in Kinvara after completion of overbridge on M18 at Drumharsna, scheduled for completion August 2016 .

Cuckoo Fun Run:

The Cuckoo Fun Run will take place on the Sunday 1st May as part of Fleadh na gCuach. This is a Community Council fundraiser. The Childrens Centre will benefit from the event this year. All those who are in Kinvara that weekend and who are free to help out with the marshalling and general running please give your names to the Secretary. The next meeting of the Coordinating group for the Fun Run is April 4th.

Tracht Magazine:

Enda said there have been 1600 hits on-line to the magazine which is substantially more than they expected. It is 220 pages full colour which would be costly to print. They plan to print 20 copies with the help of funding of 500e from discretionary funding from Cllr Joe Byrne.


Christina Connolly spoke and said that she moved to Kinvara in April 2015. She said she hadn’t noticed what was happening in Ellies field which is her familys land. She said that the land that Irish Water have taken is some of that field but that a strip of the land adjoining the sea has been retained by her family. She appreciates that the Trail through the lands has been removed from the website

Angela is stepping down from the BOM of the Creche. Maria will circulate an email to the Directors asking for a replacement.


The next meeting of Kinvara Community Council will be held on Wednesday  20th April at 8.30pm.