Kinvara Community Council Meeting Wednesday 15th June 2016

Kinvara Community Council Meeting Wednesday 15th June 2016.



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Maria Hannigan sent her apologies as couldn’t attend



the minutes from the previous meeting in May were proposed and seconded by Pam and Maeve and signed.


Matters arising from the Minutes:

Arising from the Minutes Maria had given a message that the Tidy Towns would ask Gordon Darcy if the Information Board could be placed near the existing one at the Pier. James Linnane passed around pictures of various benches which might be suitable as a memorial to Tony Moylan suggesting a steel one as the most practical as no foundation would be needed. It would be 7ft long and would cost about 3,000e and planning permission may be needed.

It was reported that a search to find ownership of St Comans church would cost 18e this will be progressed by Emer and Maria.

Public Toilets in Tracht are now open with a caretaker as reported by Joe Byrne.

There was no update on the cost of a projector and sourcing, this is to be carried out by Eilish.


Correspondence to the Secretary:

There was a letter from Stan Mac Eoin suggesting that the Defibrillator group be set up as a subgroup of Kinvara Community Council so that the charity status of KCC could be used by them.

There was a reply from Galway Co Co to our question as to what is the Council plan for parking in the Kinvara area and it stated that when the Sewage treatment plan is completed a Traffic Management plan will be prepared with full Public Consultation.


Request from a US town to twin with Kinvara:

Joe Byrne will have an update for the next meeting. Karen Conneely from Kinvara lives there and there is a large Irish community there.


Tree of Hope:

The deadline for what should be written on the plaque was extended as it was felt it might be good to involve TY class and they are on holidays. There will be further discussions and the Chair thanked Gerhard and Fr David for their work so far on this project.


Water Treatment Plant and the removal of the Green:  

Photos were circulated showing the Pier area before and after the removal of the Green.    There was much debate with arguments in favour of the removal and of the replacement of the green area. Due to the traffic congestion in the village its removal is strongly argued for whilst those opposed to the idea argued that its removal has ruined the whole aesthetic beauty of Kinvara. It was stated that the current contract for the water treatment plant and the pipes states that the contractors are obliged to leave the streets the way they found them.

It was decided that a properly co-ordinated traffic management plan requiring road re-surfacing and marked carparking spaces is required. It was suggested that a public meeting should be called so that everyone could have their say with plans of various alternatives and that this should be held before September. The chair agreed to write to the Director of Roads Liam Gavin to ask when public consultation would take place. Joe Byrne is available to all who wish to communicate with him on this matter.


Pedestrian Crossing:  

Dave Goodison has suggested that a no parking sign be placed both sides of the pedestrian crossing linking Keoghs with Londis to stop people parking there. It was asked if it was a formal pedestrian crossing as there are no flashing lights. It was suggested it be moved down from the corner. Joe Byrne will speak to Fergal Fahy about this.


Entrance to Primary School Car Park: 

It was mentioned by Martin Green that the barriers on the pavement at the old convent entrance to the car park used by the primary school are most inconvenient to wheelchair users who have to move out onto the road to pass and should be removed. Joe said it will be discussed as part of the traffic management plan.



Paul Tierney asked when would we be able to swim in the Bay? It was stated that it could be 2 years and that the Bay may need to be dredged.

Joe Byrne reported that he was successful in securing 750e for KAVA and 500e for the printing of Tracht magazine. Joe also complimented the Tidy Towns group on their work in the town.



The next meeting of Kinvara Community Council will be held on September 21st and will be the AGM.