Kinvara Community Council Meeting, 18th May 2016

Kinvara Community Council Meeting Wednesday 18 th May 2016.


See sign in sheet.


the minutes from the previous meeting in April were read and signed.

Matters arising from the Minutes:

No matters arising

Correspondence to the Secretary:

Email from Chris Dufresne which was circulated later.

Tidy Towns Information Board:

Gordon Darcy gave a presentation on an Information Board displaying the birds of

Kinvara Bay which the Tidy Towns group have asked him to paint and which will

have the birds names in English and Irish. Gordon showed a draft piece which

everyone admired. There was a discussion on where the Board should be erected.

Gordon suggested on the land across from Liadains house along the path from the

village to the Castle. The Tidy Towns group suggested placing it along the Green. It

was agreed to discuss further and to get back to Gordon with the decision.

Seat for Tony Moylan:

James spoke about sourcing a bench with steel carcase and timber. He will get

pictures and costings for the next meeting. He suggested placing a bench against the

Pier Wall as many years ago there were 3 benches there. Mike suggested a new

plaque against the Pier Wall where there information on hookers placed previously.

St Comans Church:

Maria said that KCC have now received the completed Engineer’s report done by John

Britton. It will be circulated to the members of the Heritage Subcommittee and grant

aid will be sought from the Leader funding to carry out the works outlined in the

report. Emer will research the ownership and history of the church.


Joe said that the Transport Infrastructure Ireland(TII) group have now been given the

plans for the Baywalk and as the road coming into Kinvara is a secondary road and at

present does not meet the width requirements it is in the interest of TII to take on this

project. There is no other way of widening the road except to include the existing path

and to place a new path inside the Wall.

Pier Area Health and Safety:

People suggested bollards to stop cars from falling into the sea when parked on the

Pier. Stan said that people park at the entrance to the slipway and these cars could slip

down into the sea. Richard proposed bollards and Joe seconded this and said he will

bring that to Galway County Council. A safety audit has been carried out on the Pier

and Joe said the County Council will be carrying this out soon. Pat suggested a chain

with a sign across the entrance to the slipway.

Green on the Pier:

Maria circulated an email received with a suggested alternative to the existing green

proposed by Chris Dufresne. Gerhard asked why the Green was taken up and the

timber posts removed. There was a discussion on the necessity for parking for

businesses in the area of the Pier. No agreement was reached on whether the Green

should be replaced exactly as it was previously or with some changes. Patrick

Kavanagh said that the County Council needs to provide a major car park and public

toilets. He said that he has dealt with the Council and that they asked him to put in a

carpark for them. Joe said that there will be an opportunity to discuss traffic and

parking issues over the next 9 months. Joe said that Failte Ireland have spent 3million

euros in Connemara in the last year on Infrastructure and he thinks that is the best

option for monies for car parking. Joe said that a decision will need to be made later

this year regarding the Green area in advance of permanent road surfacing at the Pier.

Tree of Hope:

Gerhard said that the Tree of Hope would be planted on 28 th May after 7pm Mass and

a bench will be placed there also. The wording and placing of the Plaque will be

discussed later.

Public Toilets in Tracht:

Caoilte said that the toilets in Tracht were closed on the previous Saturday on a lovely

day. Joe said he spoke to the Director of Services and requested they be opened. He

hopes they will be open next weekend.

Community Centre chairs:

Caoilte said that the present marking of KCC on the chairs was in bright large letters

which were distracting and he proposed cleaning them and re marking them in a

neater fashion. He said that Petra and himself with the aid of Kevin in the Centre

would do this work. Everyone agreed and they were thanked in advance. Maria

explained that the large bright lettering was done because the chairs were being taken

and not returned.


Eilish said we should buy a projector and everyone agreed and asked Eilish to

purchase same. Gerhard said the bulbs can be very expensive. Joe said a town in the

US wants to twin with us. He will email us later about this.

The next meeting of KCC will be on Wednesday 15 th June at 8.30pm.