Kinvara Community Council Meeting 20th January 2016

See sign in
Apologies received Joe Byrne.

The minutes from the previous meeting in November were read and signed.

Matters arising from the
Arising from the Minutes Maria reported that she had written to the owner of land along the Bay about the raft for the swans but had received no reply.  John updated that the Conservation Galway group were planning to simply anchor the raft off the green Island so as the raft wouldn’t be tied onto any land there was no necessity to proceed with the landowner.
Further discussion took place on the issue of parking on the Pier and on the numbers of buses that attempt to pass each other on the Main St in the Summer and this led to the general issue of parking.  It was agreed to write to the Director of Services with a copy to the local Councillor Joe Byrne asking him what the County Council was planning to sort the parking issue in Kinvara.

Correspondence to the Secretary:
Maria read out a letter received from the Director of Services in Galway County Council in reply to our query regarding speed on the Ballyvaughan road into Kinvara.He said that this was a matter of enforcement and that he would forward our letter to the Road Design section.                                              
Maria also read out a letter received from Stan MacEoin.Among the items a suggestion that the website be kept up to date was discussed and it was agreed to see if a local person with the expertise in this area might assist the new Administrator in putting all bookings on the site and perhaps allowing bookings directly on-line.Paddy said he would ask someone he knew.Maria said that Ger had spent time already with the last 2 Tus workers showing them how to attach the minutes and that its the Secretary’s duty to ensure that this happened.  On the question of the Sewage the tender has been signed so its the responsibility of the contractor to proceed.There were some suggestions that work has started but this couldn’t be confirmed.

Report from the Board of the Children’s Centre: 
The Chair and Treasurer of the Board of management of the Creche attended and updated the meeting on the situation in the Creche stating that there is some change at present with a new Acting Manager and one of the employees giving Book Keeping assistance.  The Treasurer said that finances were improving with a small surplus each month and that a fund would be put aside as soon as possible in case of necessity.

Host Communities Network of the Wild Atlantic Way :
John reported that this group which he attended on one occasion appears now to not be proceeding at least in the immediate future.  This proposal that all groups would join the Rural Link group in order to have the support that would bring might be a reason why the proposal was not proceeding.  It seemed like a good idea initially so John will keep us updated.

Cuckoo Fun
Maria said that last year as the Children’s Centre had some financial difficulties the Community Council had agreed to their request to have the monies from this event given to the Creche and in return the Creche staff and Board assisted in running the event and added a cake sale and children’s activities to the Day.  Maria asked the Community Council delegates to the Board if they wished to also run the event this year and to let us know so that preparation can begin.

Irish Dance Classes: 
The Irish dancing teacher Irene wants to run classes in the Centre but says the heavy shoes would damage the floor so asked permission to use the stage.The dancers present said that this is appropriate.  The chair said to ensure the safety issue of no railing between the stage and drop to the floor should be pointed out and the teacher should leave in her Insurance policy and sign that the absence of a railing was pointed out and that she would take action to ensure the students were safe.  Maria will ensure this is communicated to her.

Kinvara Bay Walk:                                                                                                  
John received an estimate from Paul Feeney of Athenry to design the Bay Walk.  This is considerably more than the estimate received from Roughan O Donovan.  Matt said he will look at the drawings but can’t give an estimate of the costings as there aren’t any cross sections. John will follow up on this.

The next meeting of Kinvara Community Council will be held on Wednesday 17th February at 8.30pm.