The “Kinvara Folklore Digital Archive” group was created on 14th February 2015 by Eilish Kavanagh, Richard Broad and Ger Ryan.

The mission statement is:

Collect, preserve, and make accessible our present and past folklore for use by educators, researchers, and interested members of the public

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Folklore includes a number of areas such as:

  1. Oral History
  2. Mythological Tradition
  3. Literature and Poetry
  4. Music and Song
  5. Placenames
  6. Folk Medicine
  7. Our Community
  8. Customs and Festivals
  9. Sports and Pastimes
  10. Traveller Traditions
  11. Material Culture
  12. Historical Tradition
  13. Natural History
  14. Settlement and Dwellings
  15. Everyday life
  16. Folktales/Stories
  17. Religious Rituals
  18. Maritime Heritage and Trade
  19. Farming Practices
  20. Childhood, past and present

If you would like to contact Eilish Kavanagh, you can email on or phone on 091-637052