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Kinvara Community Council Meeting, Wednesday 19th October 2016


See sign in sheet. Apologies from Emer O Donnell and Eilish Kavanagh



the minutes from the previous meeting were read and agreed.


Matters arising from the Minutes:

Richard said that the Bay should be clean in months not years. Maria said that the Tidy Towns have planned a project taking samples from the waters in the Bay before and after the Sewage treatment plant starts working. Joe said that sampling is ongoing. Maria said that the Insurance company should be asked about the Defibrillator group before joining KCC as a subgroup. Joe said that the US town of Scituate were now talking to Cork as there was no uptake here. Joe said in response to the Green being replaced that the contract is being revised to allow for the retention of the Green. Also the streets will be left in a better condition than before the works. He said that the Green will be discussed as part of the Traffic Management Plan and so will the traffic crossing at Londis. The entrance to the St Josephs car park has been corrected.


Tidy Towns:

Geraldine Blackwell suggested planting low shrubs to smother the weeds, she will send us a list of suggestions

Liz said that Gordon Darcys painting is valuable and should be protected. Paul said we should ask Stephen to give us the disc with the photos of the Board. Liz said we should ask Gordon for permission to copy and display his work outdoors out of courtesy.


Update on St Comans:

Maria reported that as the Structural Report states that the gable is in danger of collapse the Heritage group wants to progress the saving of the Church building. There will be a public meeting on November 14th int he Courthouse. Joe said that the residents need to be informed about our group. Also the Heritage Officer and the Conservation Officer need to be informed.Joe said we should notify Monuments Office now even if we don’t know ownership. Stan said that legislation may be needed to declare ownership. Joe said contact Dept of Arts Heritage and Gaeltacht. He will make enquiries. Paul said it is incumbent on us to preserve the church.


Tree of Hope:

The plaque still needs to be worded. Gerhard suggested just stating Hope and then all discussed it and agreed Tree of Hope should be written on the plaque.Angela will contact the person who did the metal plaques for the Tidy Towns to get a price.


Markings in the Community Centre Carpark:

Gerhard said that the Childrens Centre were asking if yellow lines could be put onto the Fire Drill area as people were parking there. Liz suggested putting a sign on the cars saying don’t park here. Gerhard will talk to Dominic about this. Maria will send Gerhard his email address.


Climbing Bars in Hall:

Maria will ask Geraldine to email the PE teacher the Badminton club the Youth Club and Kasia and ask them to come together to discuss what can be done that everyone is happy with.


Rent for I.C.A.:

The ICA group now have 17 paid up members and they used to have 2 hours weekly at 10e per hour but when they have craft evenings it is 3 hours. They need to employ  Tutors and will hope to run courses which will make money. They meet Tuesday evenings and as they are a new group they don’t have any money. Angela said that if costs only were paid for now that would be 20e per month. The group are happy with that and it will be reviewed in six months time.


Any other business:

Liz Murphy said that Antisocial Behaviour outside her mothers house including broken glass has been occurring and she suggested that Pubs be asked to give plastic glasses to people who wished to drink outdoors. A suggestion was made that at Festival time plastic glasses could be used.Also an old man was seen being headbutted. Maria will write to GAA/Kinvara Utd/Camogie Club saying please remind young people to be respectful to people and property when celebrating.


The next meeting of Kinvara Community Council will be held on Wednesday  23rd November at 8.30pm.

Kinvara Community Council Meeting Wednesday 15th June 2016

Kinvara Community Council Meeting Wednesday 15th June 2016.



See sign in sheet.


Maria Hannigan sent her apologies as couldn’t attend



the minutes from the previous meeting in May were proposed and seconded by Pam and Maeve and signed.


Matters arising from the Minutes:

Arising from the Minutes Maria had given a message that the Tidy Towns would ask Gordon Darcy if the Information Board could be placed near the existing one at the Pier. James Linnane passed around pictures of various benches which might be suitable as a memorial to Tony Moylan suggesting a steel one as the most practical as no foundation would be needed. It would be 7ft long and would cost about 3,000e and planning permission may be needed.

It was reported that a search to find ownership of St Comans church would cost 18e this will be progressed by Emer and Maria.

Public Toilets in Tracht are now open with a caretaker as reported by Joe Byrne.

There was no update on the cost of a projector and sourcing, this is to be carried out by Eilish.


Correspondence to the Secretary:

There was a letter from Stan Mac Eoin suggesting that the Defibrillator group be set up as a subgroup of Kinvara Community Council so that the charity status of KCC could be used by them.

There was a reply from Galway Co Co to our question as to what is the Council plan for parking in the Kinvara area and it stated that when the Sewage treatment plan is completed a Traffic Management plan will be prepared with full Public Consultation.


Request from a US town to twin with Kinvara:

Joe Byrne will have an update for the next meeting. Karen Conneely from Kinvara lives there and there is a large Irish community there.


Tree of Hope:

The deadline for what should be written on the plaque was extended as it was felt it might be good to involve TY class and they are on holidays. There will be further discussions and the Chair thanked Gerhard and Fr David for their work so far on this project.


Water Treatment Plant and the removal of the Green:  

Photos were circulated showing the Pier area before and after the removal of the Green.    There was much debate with arguments in favour of the removal and of the replacement of the green area. Due to the traffic congestion in the village its removal is strongly argued for whilst those opposed to the idea argued that its removal has ruined the whole aesthetic beauty of Kinvara. It was stated that the current contract for the water treatment plant and the pipes states that the contractors are obliged to leave the streets the way they found them.

It was decided that a properly co-ordinated traffic management plan requiring road re-surfacing and marked carparking spaces is required. It was suggested that a public meeting should be called so that everyone could have their say with plans of various alternatives and that this should be held before September. The chair agreed to write to the Director of Roads Liam Gavin to ask when public consultation would take place. Joe Byrne is available to all who wish to communicate with him on this matter.


Pedestrian Crossing:  

Dave Goodison has suggested that a no parking sign be placed both sides of the pedestrian crossing linking Keoghs with Londis to stop people parking there. It was asked if it was a formal pedestrian crossing as there are no flashing lights. It was suggested it be moved down from the corner. Joe Byrne will speak to Fergal Fahy about this.


Entrance to Primary School Car Park: 

It was mentioned by Martin Green that the barriers on the pavement at the old convent entrance to the car park used by the primary school are most inconvenient to wheelchair users who have to move out onto the road to pass and should be removed. Joe said it will be discussed as part of the traffic management plan.



Paul Tierney asked when would we be able to swim in the Bay? It was stated that it could be 2 years and that the Bay may need to be dredged.

Joe Byrne reported that he was successful in securing 750e for KAVA and 500e for the printing of Tracht magazine. Joe also complimented the Tidy Towns group on their work in the town.



The next meeting of Kinvara Community Council will be held on September 21st and will be the AGM.

Kinvara Community Council Meeting, 18th May 2016

Kinvara Community Council Meeting Wednesday 18 th May 2016.


See sign in sheet.


the minutes from the previous meeting in April were read and signed.

Matters arising from the Minutes:

No matters arising

Correspondence to the Secretary:

Email from Chris Dufresne which was circulated later.

Tidy Towns Information Board:

Gordon Darcy gave a presentation on an Information Board displaying the birds of

Kinvara Bay which the Tidy Towns group have asked him to paint and which will

have the birds names in English and Irish. Gordon showed a draft piece which

everyone admired. There was a discussion on where the Board should be erected.

Gordon suggested on the land across from Liadains house along the path from the

village to the Castle. The Tidy Towns group suggested placing it along the Green. It

was agreed to discuss further and to get back to Gordon with the decision.

Seat for Tony Moylan:

James spoke about sourcing a bench with steel carcase and timber. He will get

pictures and costings for the next meeting. He suggested placing a bench against the

Pier Wall as many years ago there were 3 benches there. Mike suggested a new

plaque against the Pier Wall where there information on hookers placed previously.

St Comans Church:

Maria said that KCC have now received the completed Engineer’s report done by John

Britton. It will be circulated to the members of the Heritage Subcommittee and grant

aid will be sought from the Leader funding to carry out the works outlined in the

report. Emer will research the ownership and history of the church.


Joe said that the Transport Infrastructure Ireland(TII) group have now been given the

plans for the Baywalk and as the road coming into Kinvara is a secondary road and at

present does not meet the width requirements it is in the interest of TII to take on this

project. There is no other way of widening the road except to include the existing path

and to place a new path inside the Wall.

Pier Area Health and Safety:

People suggested bollards to stop cars from falling into the sea when parked on the

Pier. Stan said that people park at the entrance to the slipway and these cars could slip

down into the sea. Richard proposed bollards and Joe seconded this and said he will

bring that to Galway County Council. A safety audit has been carried out on the Pier

and Joe said the County Council will be carrying this out soon. Pat suggested a chain

with a sign across the entrance to the slipway.

Green on the Pier:

Maria circulated an email received with a suggested alternative to the existing green

proposed by Chris Dufresne. Gerhard asked why the Green was taken up and the

timber posts removed. There was a discussion on the necessity for parking for

businesses in the area of the Pier. No agreement was reached on whether the Green

should be replaced exactly as it was previously or with some changes. Patrick

Kavanagh said that the County Council needs to provide a major car park and public

toilets. He said that he has dealt with the Council and that they asked him to put in a

carpark for them. Joe said that there will be an opportunity to discuss traffic and

parking issues over the next 9 months. Joe said that Failte Ireland have spent 3million

euros in Connemara in the last year on Infrastructure and he thinks that is the best

option for monies for car parking. Joe said that a decision will need to be made later

this year regarding the Green area in advance of permanent road surfacing at the Pier.

Tree of Hope:

Gerhard said that the Tree of Hope would be planted on 28 th May after 7pm Mass and

a bench will be placed there also. The wording and placing of the Plaque will be

discussed later.

Public Toilets in Tracht:

Caoilte said that the toilets in Tracht were closed on the previous Saturday on a lovely

day. Joe said he spoke to the Director of Services and requested they be opened. He

hopes they will be open next weekend.

Community Centre chairs:

Caoilte said that the present marking of KCC on the chairs was in bright large letters

which were distracting and he proposed cleaning them and re marking them in a

neater fashion. He said that Petra and himself with the aid of Kevin in the Centre

would do this work. Everyone agreed and they were thanked in advance. Maria

explained that the large bright lettering was done because the chairs were being taken

and not returned.


Eilish said we should buy a projector and everyone agreed and asked Eilish to

purchase same. Gerhard said the bulbs can be very expensive. Joe said a town in the

US wants to twin with us. He will email us later about this.

The next meeting of KCC will be on Wednesday 15 th June at 8.30pm.

Kinvara Community Council Meeting Wednesday 20th April, 2016



Kinvara Community Council Meeting Wednesday 20th April. 2016.



See sign in sheet.



Joe Byrne

Richard Broad.



the minutes from the previous meeting in March were read and signed.


Matters arising from the Minutes:

Maria reported that a replacement for Angela on the Board of Management of the Childrens Centre needed to be nominated. Gerhard agreed to be the Community Council Representative to that Board. Gerhard was nominated and seconded by Maria and Paddy. Maria will let the Board know and ask them to send all present and future notifications and minutes to Gerhard.


Correspondence to the Secretary:

Maria read out an email from Cllr Joe Byrne stating

– that Sewerage Plant works are ahead of schedule and will be commissioned by end of year.

– Coffey Construction will commence with Network installation next week, no works in Quay area July / August. I am arranging a meeting with local stakeholders and Irish water within the next 2/3 weeks, I will advise on date in due course.

– Flood Meeting last Tuesday night in Gort, Cahermore works progressing and application submitted to OPW for Kinvara to Cahermore permanent scheme.

– Rubbish is a major problem, including collection of bags,eg, Barna Waste. I would welcome your feedback on this matter.

– It would be appreciated if you could promote to your e mail listing the newly opened BUrren Enterprise Centre , over Londis




Tree of Hope:

Gerhard said that he has agreed with Fr David that a tree will be planted in the Garden to the side of St Josephs Church. There will be a bench beside the tree and a plaque. Gerhard will supply the Tree and the Bench and he suggested we ask Joe Byrne about possible funding of the Plaque.


Cuckoo Fun Run:

A number of people are available to help. A discussion will need to be held about how the funds raised should be allocated. This year the Creche are helping to run the event and will receive all funds raised. Two groups have requested funds and they will be discussed as possible recipients for next years Run. The two groups are the Kinvara FM local radio group and the Community Games group. This discussion can take place in September/October well in advance of next years event.




Angela discussed the finances as we had just received the Audited accounts for 2015.She said that the Creche have some funds on deposit now and have appointed a new Manager. They have now agreed to go ahead with the Red Book Accounting package and have organised book=keeping training from Ryan McGinty for their staff. The Audited Accounts will be presented to the Community Council at the AGM.

There was a discussion on litter and it was suggested to ask Joe Byrne if the Council could supply Dog poo Bins and bags as provided in some other locations. Also regarding the Barna Waste bags it was suggested that a centralised lockable site be sourced such as the GAA site where all bags could be collected from. It was also suggested that Joe be asked that the Street Sweeper should be in Kinvara more often than presently which is once a month.


John reported that there is an Update on the Wild Atlantic Way in Shannon Airport on the following evening if anyone can attend.


John proposed that the KCC should thank Eilish Kavanagh for all her work on the 1916 Commemoration event and that the Monument is excellent. Also John congratulated Paddy on his entry for the St Patricks Day parade. The Community Council would like to extend their congratulations to the organising committee of the St Patricks Day parade and all the organisations that took part.  The parade added great colour to Kinvara and shows the huge commitment of all volunteers involved that keep these organisations running for the benefit of the community.




The next meeting of Kinvara Community Council will be held on Wednesday  18th May at 8.30pm.

Kinvara Community Council Meeting Wednesday 16th March, 2016


See sign in sheet.


the minutes from the previous meeting in February were read and signed.

Matters arising from the Minutes:

There were no matters arising

Correspondence to the Secretary:

Maria read out a letter received from Christina Connolly regarding the trail on the website. Ms Connolly asked the KCC to take this down as it shows a way through her brothers land which is not a public way. Maria had spoken to the Directors on receipt of the letter and it has now been removed and a letter sent to Christina saying this.

Kinvara FM:

Clare gave a run down on whats happening with the development of the community radio. Gerry said the group are already making programmes to have material ready. The licensing procedure will probably take a few months. Fundraising will need to take place but they have support from Craol for this. They have 63 people on their database. A mast will be needed and will have to be as close to the office where they are broadcasting from as possible. They have ongoing training courses.

 Foys Hospital/Seapark House:

James spoke on this and said that an application has been made for planning permission to demolish this building and build on the site. It is not a listed building but is on the Heritage Trail. James has spoken to Maureen Doddy and she says it will come to her attention anyway. Seapark House has not been lived in since the Famine. Joe Byrne said that it is a scenic amenity and the applicant will have to show a housing need. It will go through the Planning process.

Report from Cllr Joe Byrne:

Joe gave a report on Community grants saying that groups in Kinvara got in total 12,000euros in grants from the County Council this year. He said that the County Council have a deliberate policy of giving more monies to Community groups.

Joe reported that Coffey Construction are doing the pipe network for the Sewage system and will hopefully start in April 2016. There will be a period in July /August when no work will take place on the Quay to facilitate the Tourism industry and Cruiniiu na mBad.

Joe reported that a Library for Kinvara is in the County Councils 5 year plan.

Joe also said that works in Cahermore related to flood reliefs will take place shortly and that Broadband is due in Kinvara after completion of overbridge on M18 at Drumharsna, scheduled for completion August 2016 .

Cuckoo Fun Run:

The Cuckoo Fun Run will take place on the Sunday 1st May as part of Fleadh na gCuach. This is a Community Council fundraiser. The Childrens Centre will benefit from the event this year. All those who are in Kinvara that weekend and who are free to help out with the marshalling and general running please give your names to the Secretary. The next meeting of the Coordinating group for the Fun Run is April 4th.

Tracht Magazine:

Enda said there have been 1600 hits on-line to the magazine which is substantially more than they expected. It is 220 pages full colour which would be costly to print. They plan to print 20 copies with the help of funding of 500e from discretionary funding from Cllr Joe Byrne.


Christina Connolly spoke and said that she moved to Kinvara in April 2015. She said she hadn’t noticed what was happening in Ellies field which is her familys land. She said that the land that Irish Water have taken is some of that field but that a strip of the land adjoining the sea has been retained by her family. She appreciates that the Trail through the lands has been removed from the website

Angela is stepping down from the BOM of the Creche. Maria will circulate an email to the Directors asking for a replacement.


The next meeting of Kinvara Community Council will be held on Wednesday  20th April at 8.30pm.

Kinvara Community Council Meeting Wednesday 17th February 2016

See sign in sheet.

the minutes from the previous meeting in January were read and signed.

Matters arising from the Minutes:
Arising from the Minutes a question was asked if Community Alert is active in Kinvara and if so can a sign be erected saying this and giving the text number to call. A suggestion that the residents in the area of the Pier be asked to sign a petition saying that they wanted the Pier area left the way it was. A discussion on Traffic Management took place and Joe Byrne said that no land is available to develop as a car park. He said there will be a roads and paths upgrade when the sewage plant is completed and a Traffic Mangement plan will happen then. Joe said there will be consultation with the Community Council about this. Stan said we don’t want metered parking. Cllr Byrne stated categorically that there would not be metered parking in Kinvara. Maria asked if local employees could park in the St Josephs church carpark in the Summer to reduce congestion on the streets. Joe and Angela said its not an exclusive park for school staff but it is used for School Bus turning in term time. John said that this suggestion could be put in the Community Council Newsletter.

Correspondence to the Secretary:
Maria read out the minutes of a meeting held with the Childrens Centre and also a subsequent email on review of accountancy practices. Killian said that the main fundraiser in the past was a visit from Santa but last year it couldn’t be held as there weren’t enough helpers available.

Kinvara 1916 update: 
Eilish said the remembrance stone is ordered and will be placed in the flower bed at St. Josephs. The event will be held on Tuesday 29th March. Thomas Quinn has done drawings for 6 locations and a procession will proceed to these ending at the stone. The exhibition in the Meeting Room as last year will occur also. The County Mayor will attend. Families from the US also will attend. A grant to do permanent drawings and a booklet is submitted. Maria and Angela will manage the tea room and sandwiches for about 100 people.

Tree of Hope:
Gerhard brought up the idea of a Tree of Hope. This is a place of reflection and a tree with a bench as a comfort for people affected by suicide. He discussed ways of improving mental health. Everyone is to try to think of suitable locations.

Digital Mapping of Graveyards: 
Joe said that Marie Mannion is very involved with digital mapping of graveyards. Eilish said that Christy Cunniffe wants to be put in touch with someone in Kinvara who has the information already collected. A suggestion was made that Liz or Geraldine would get in touch with him.

John asked if anyone was interested in putting on any events for Bealtaine. Joe said existing events such as Fleadh na gCuach and any KAM events can be put in the Bealtaine booklet which the County Council are putting together.
Joe suggested that the Community Council write to the Electoral Officer Marian Chambers offering the use of the Centre as a Polling venue for future elections. Ballindereen have done this and the Centre is ideal for this purpose. Joe said that some small path and road improvements will be done locally in the next while. Joe has organised a road into Killina Graveyard and improvements in Mount Cross graveyard. The Community Alert group would like to hold a meeting on text alerting here. Everyone agreed with that.

The next meeting of Kinvara Community Council will be held on Wednesday 16th March at 8.30pm.

Kinvara Community Council Meeting 20th January 2016

See sign in
Apologies received Joe Byrne.

The minutes from the previous meeting in November were read and signed.

Matters arising from the
Arising from the Minutes Maria reported that she had written to the owner of land along the Bay about the raft for the swans but had received no reply.  John updated that the Conservation Galway group were planning to simply anchor the raft off the green Island so as the raft wouldn’t be tied onto any land there was no necessity to proceed with the landowner.
Further discussion took place on the issue of parking on the Pier and on the numbers of buses that attempt to pass each other on the Main St in the Summer and this led to the general issue of parking.  It was agreed to write to the Director of Services with a copy to the local Councillor Joe Byrne asking him what the County Council was planning to sort the parking issue in Kinvara.

Correspondence to the Secretary:
Maria read out a letter received from the Director of Services in Galway County Council in reply to our query regarding speed on the Ballyvaughan road into Kinvara.He said that this was a matter of enforcement and that he would forward our letter to the Road Design section.                                              
Maria also read out a letter received from Stan MacEoin.Among the items a suggestion that the website be kept up to date was discussed and it was agreed to see if a local person with the expertise in this area might assist the new Administrator in putting all bookings on the site and perhaps allowing bookings directly on-line.Paddy said he would ask someone he knew.Maria said that Ger had spent time already with the last 2 Tus workers showing them how to attach the minutes and that its the Secretary’s duty to ensure that this happened.  On the question of the Sewage the tender has been signed so its the responsibility of the contractor to proceed.There were some suggestions that work has started but this couldn’t be confirmed.

Report from the Board of the Children’s Centre: 
The Chair and Treasurer of the Board of management of the Creche attended and updated the meeting on the situation in the Creche stating that there is some change at present with a new Acting Manager and one of the employees giving Book Keeping assistance.  The Treasurer said that finances were improving with a small surplus each month and that a fund would be put aside as soon as possible in case of necessity.

Host Communities Network of the Wild Atlantic Way :
John reported that this group which he attended on one occasion appears now to not be proceeding at least in the immediate future.  This proposal that all groups would join the Rural Link group in order to have the support that would bring might be a reason why the proposal was not proceeding.  It seemed like a good idea initially so John will keep us updated.

Cuckoo Fun
Maria said that last year as the Children’s Centre had some financial difficulties the Community Council had agreed to their request to have the monies from this event given to the Creche and in return the Creche staff and Board assisted in running the event and added a cake sale and children’s activities to the Day.  Maria asked the Community Council delegates to the Board if they wished to also run the event this year and to let us know so that preparation can begin.

Irish Dance Classes: 
The Irish dancing teacher Irene wants to run classes in the Centre but says the heavy shoes would damage the floor so asked permission to use the stage.The dancers present said that this is appropriate.  The chair said to ensure the safety issue of no railing between the stage and drop to the floor should be pointed out and the teacher should leave in her Insurance policy and sign that the absence of a railing was pointed out and that she would take action to ensure the students were safe.  Maria will ensure this is communicated to her.

Kinvara Bay Walk:                                                                                                  
John received an estimate from Paul Feeney of Athenry to design the Bay Walk.  This is considerably more than the estimate received from Roughan O Donovan.  Matt said he will look at the drawings but can’t give an estimate of the costings as there aren’t any cross sections. John will follow up on this.

The next meeting of Kinvara Community Council will be held on Wednesday 17th February at 8.30pm.

Kinvara Community Council Meeting Wednesday 18th Oct. 2015.

the minutes from the previous meeting in June and the Any other business notes from the AGM in September were read.

Kinvara Pier:
Anne Korff said that she and a local group are drawing up a list of the items on the Harbour area that should be conserved and replaced if removed. They hope to draw up a plan for the Harbour area. Richard suggested that an existing Pier group including Declan Connolly and Pat McMahon should be consulted. Gerhard said that the Pier shouldnt become a carpark. Anne will report back to the next meeting.

Cars speeding at the Ballyvaughan entrance to Kinvara:
Gerhard said this item was discussed at the June meeting and that a letter should be sent to the County Council and copied to Cllr Joe Byrne and Fergal Fahy the local Area Engineer requesting action on this problem. Gerhard said that he understood that footpaths had to be present at a location where Traffic calming is placed. James said that the hill at Nallys Lane should be lowered to improve lines of sight. Maria suggested rumble strips as at country schools.

Signage on the Pier:
Maria said that the Tidy Towns group were considering asking Gordon Darcy to paint a board with the local birds and plants which would be mounted at the green area by the Pier. James suggested asking the OPW to put up a sign. He said they are much better now. He said there is one in Carran. Maria said the Tidy Towns would consider the suggestions and discuss again before any action.

Community Radio:
Gerry proposed setting up a Community Radio in Kinvara. He said that he can do the technical aspects, studio etc as he has previous experience. It would be available on line as well. There is grant aid available for local radio set ups. Nationally 9% of the licence fee is dedicated to Community Radio. It would be run by local people and can be a business. The blend Gerry suggests would be 60% news and 40% music. People will be needed to present the programmes and a studio space is needed. Eilish said she would help and John said he thinks there is definitely an appetite in Kinvara for this. Richard suggested the Community Council give the use of the Front Office as a studio. John Mc Donald said that one of the Coaches at Kinvara Utd was very involved in the Gort Radio which is now closed and he might help. John will also talk to Mary Ruddy who was involved in Connemara Radio. Gerry said there is a national support group called CRAOL who will help. Gerry said the licence costs hundreds and its better to start small. It was suggested that a small steering group would meet and they would then organise a public meeting to ensure the community are involved. The small group meeting is set for Thursday 5th November.

Cllr Joe Byrne then addressed the meeting:
Replying to the issues he said that the Pier is a protected structure and a report exists to improve the area but it is costly. The light at Berminghams is ordered and will be erected. Joe said that he is often contacted about the safety of boats being stored on
the Pier. John summarised that we would contact the Heritage Officer and ask for guidance about conserving the Pier area.
Joe also addressed the issue of speeding and said that the school were looking at ways of improving the drop off area. He said that he would ask the Gardai to monitor traffic at the entrances to Kinvara and Ballindereen. NRA approval has to be got for any changes on this road.
Joe reported that monies were allocated to the Creche to upgrade the Preschool.
He also reported that local people should be thanked for allowing paths to be built along the road to the GAA and to Crushoa donating their land.
Pam suggested that people should go in a wheelchair around Kinvara to see how bad the paths are. Joe said that the Brothers of Charity should be working with the Community Council on the issue of accessibility.
Joe said that monies would be available for signage through the Rural Economic Development fund for Kinvara and that KCC and Tidy Towns should be involved in this. Signs will be standardised throughout the Burren Lowland areas.
The N67 will be going to planning shortly and 8 objections have been made to Bord Pleanala. James said that there is a timber and post rail going up his lane within 1.5metres of St Colmans Well and cross.

Any other business:
Pam brought up KAVA and the Courthouse. She said the group want to spend a substantial amount of money on lighting and heating so that they can display their art work. The report by the Conservation Architect was examined which suggested that a lot of structural problems existed. Many people suggested correcting the structural problems first but Pam said that KAVA were keen to get on with their displays. She asked if KCC would specifically assist meeting Fr David to ask the Churchs help with the major works. Joe suggested applying for grant aid and having all the information ready as the grants are usually announced in the new year with short notice.

The next meeting of Kinvara Community Council will be held on Wednesday 25th November at 8.30pm.

Community Council Minutes 15-04-15




John Mulleady

John Connolly

Gerhardt Terpelle

Angela Geoghegan

Emer O’Donnell

Dominic Gallagher

Eilish Kavanagh

Cillian Kanny

Richard Broad

Maria Hannigan



  1. Tidy Town

Maria noted a number of posters around Kinvara remain in place long after the event they promote has passed (in one case over 2 years).  Judging for Tidy Towns competition takes place during summer months.  Maria will put note in Newletter requesting the removal of old posters and more appropriate placement of others.



  1. Reception for Mexican Ambassador

Frank Hall KAM will be co-ordinating visit from Mexican Ambassador on the Friday of the Cuckoo weekend.  He requested that K.C.C. assist in sponsoring reception in pier head.  KCC declined to provide any finances towards the visit. Maria Dominic will liaise with Maura O’Keefe with regard to combining this in conjunction with the opening of the Cuckoo weekend.


  1. Cuckoo Fun Run

This year funding will be in support of Kinvara Crèche.  Crèche committee are organising family oriented events at Community centre in conjunction with Fun Run.  Volunteers are being sought.  Dominic will email parents in this regard.


  1.      4.    Bay Walk Project

K.C.C. met with K.B.N. to see if it was possible to get the Bay walk project as a discovery point on the Wild Atlantic Way.  John contacted Bord Failte to be notified that the 15 discovery points identified for further development have been assigned and Kinvara is not one of them.  John was advised by Bord Failte the best way to progress the project was through the local council engineer and was advised to contact Westport’s engineer where a similar project was developed at a cost of approx. €1,000 per linear metre.


John will contact Shannon Development/Enterprise Ireland (operators of Dunguaire Castle) with regard to funding this walk as a gesture to our community.


  1.  Heritage Group

Maria advised that Surveyor of St. Coman’s has been paid €400 for work.

John will contact John Britton regarding report.  When same is completed G.R.D. will be approached for funding to preserve site.


  1. Heritage Trail Map and Guide

This will be launched at Dunguaire next Thursday, 23rd April, time to be finalised.  Michael Fitzsimon (Bord Failte will attend).  Bord Failte have created a facility on their website through which local business can advertise.


  1. Community Support Application for CCTV

John advised that this has been unsuccessful but may be applied for again next year.  CCTV required for dancing licence.  Other requirements for a dance licence include Fire Safety Report (€250); Dance Licence application to the court (€450) plus Solrs fees.  John will contact the organisers of dances at Ballinderreen Hall to see what they do in this matter.



K.C.C. is providing use of hall facilities to Eilish for use during Heritage week for related events.


Maria requested clarification regarding public liability insurance during Fun Run.  Richard confirmed that this is in place.








Community Council Minutes 19th Feb 15

Minutes of Kinvara Community Council Meeting

on 19th Feb 15.


Application for County Council grants:

This was the first item discussed. The chairperson proposed we apply for CCTV for the Community Centre as this would make the Hall more user friendly and would assist when applying for a Dance Licence as it is one of the things taken into consideration. The pros and cons of applying for a Dance Licence and the holding of dances or discos were discussed. There were some concerns expressed that we have lost money on discos before and that getting a licence costs about 2,000e. Eventually it was agreed to apply for grant aid towards purchasing cameras from a safety viewpoint and to discuss applying for dance licence another time.


Meeting of Kinvara Community Council and Kinvara Business Network:

A meeting was held between these two groups to see how we can work together and the minutes were read. The purpose of the meeting was to decide what are the priorites that we should bring to Cllr Joe Byrne. It was agreed that the priority should be parking and traffic management. Other proposals included Infrastructure namely Carpark, Public Toilets, Bay Walk and Greenway Link. Marketing suggestions included Marketing to include with Wild Atlantic Way scheme, Folklore/Stories about Kinvara and surrounding areas to include in the package, Tourism Activity co-ordinator for Kinvaa and surrounds. A suggestion was made to link with Westport as a linked town along the Wild Atlantic Way and it was agreed to explore this further.


Farmers Market application for road closure:

The Market have to apply every year to renew the closure of Market Square to allow the stall holders to trade on Fridays during the season. There have been objections from the farmer who owns the land inside the Square and also from some Businesses in the area who feel the Market adversely affect them. The issue is largely one of parking. It was suggested that a clear sign indicating parking at the back of St Josephs church could be placed there during school holidays. It was suggested that a survey of those who come to the market asking why they come could be submitted to the Council to support it. It was agreed that Kinvara Community Council would write to the County Council unconditionally supporting the closure of the road as the Market supports social inclusion and is good for the reputation of Kinvara and is good for Tourism locally. The problem of parking pre-dates the Market and is going to be a bigger problem due to the success of the Wild Atlantic Way.


Use of the Courthouse:

KAVA are meeting with the Youth Cafe group to see if a joint usage can be agreed. This will be discussed again.

Any other business: A suggestion was made that an award should be made to Tony Moylan and the options were discussed. It was suggested that the President Micheal D Higgins would be asked to send a letter recognising his contribution to the Cruinniu and Fleadh na gCuach. His work supported local activities and also the retention of the Heritage values of the Turfboats travelling from Connemara to Kinvara. A reception could be held and a presentation made.

The next meeting of Kinvara Community Council will be on Thursday 19th March in the Community Centre at 8.30pm.