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Kinvara Community Council

The next Community Council meeting is on Wednesday 21st September at 8.30pm in the Community Centre. All Welcome. ‘The meeting on the 21st is the AGM. Nominations for the positions of all Officers and Directors can be sent to to arrive 48 hours before the AGM. The Community Council would welcome expressions of interest from anyone in the local area who is interested in being involved in the development of our community. Please come along and see for yourself.”

Notes From Kinvara Community Council

At the last meeting of Kinvara Community Council on Wednesday 15th June a long discussion took place on the future layout at the Pier where the Green has been removed in order to facilitate works by the Contractor who is laying the pipes for the long awaited Sewage Treatment Plant. The conclusion was to send a letter to Liam Gavin the Director of Services in Galway County Council requesting a date for the commencement of Public Consultation on all matters relating to the Green area around the Pier. As soon as a reply is received it will be posted on the Kinvara Community Council Facebook page and in this Newsletter.

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The next meeting of Kinvara Community Council is on next Wednesday 15th June at 8.30pm in the Community Centre. Everyone living in the local area is welcome and encouraged to attend.

At the last meeting discussions on the future of the Green outside the Pier Head took place. Some people favoured recreating the green exactly as it was. Others suggested creating a single Green adjacent to the Quay with a single 2 way road where the existing separate roads are now. The business people present were keen to include a Car Parking area. Cllr Joe Byrne was present and said no final decision has been made and the present surface is temporary to facilitate the works on the Sewage pipe network. This matter will be discussed at next weeks meeting again so come along and make your opinion known.

Community Council

At the Kinvara Community Council meeting on the 20th March the Chairperson John Mulleady thanked  Eilish Kavanagh and the committee for all their hard work on the Kinvara 1916 Commemoration event. The Memorial Stone marking the event is a fitting tribute.          

The Community Council also extend congratulations to the committee of the St. Patrick’s Day parade and all the organisations that took part.  The parade adding great colour to Kinvara and shows the huge commitment of all volunteers involved, that keep these organisations running for the benefit of the community.                                                            Also John congratulated Paddy Neylon on his most inspired entry for the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

The next Community Council meeting is on Wednesday 18th May at 8.30pm in the Community Centre and all are welcome.

Kinvara Community Council

The Community Council meet once a month and discuss matters of interest to the local community. At the meeting in February a suggestion was made that a ‘Tree of Hope’ would be researched for our area. The ‘Tree of Hope’ idea is that a tree is planted perhaps with a bench beside it to provide a place of comfort for people affected by suicide and depression. You can find out more about this project on the Tree of Hope Facebook page. We are asking everyone to send us suggestions of where a Tree might be planted in the Kinvara area. The next meeting will be held in the Community Centre on Wednesday the 16th March at 8.30pm. All members of the local community are welcome to attend.