Ad Hoc Choir

The ad hoc choir will meet in the Community Centre Kinvara from 2pm-4pm this Saturday the 10th of September. The ad hoc choir is a singing workshop; if you want to sing and learn with a group of friendly people then it’s the place for you.  The ad hoc choir started three years ago in Galway and is led by Kate Duignan a Natural Voice facilitator.                                                                                 The Natural Voice ethos is that anyone can sing; we were born to sing. Many adults are self-conscious about singing in public, even though they might sing in the shower or car without a care. This workshop is a chance to take the next step if you’re a bit shy but would like to try.                                                                                                       Every song is learned by ear, and there will be a warm up to get our bodies ready to sing. Wear comfortable clothing, bring some water and come with an open mind.                                                This workshop is a taster for what will become a weekly workshop in the Autumn. €5 workshop fee. Any questions please ring Kate Duignan on 091 525846